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4 Seasons COMMANDER RS4 Track Kit for ATV

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4 Seasons COMMANDER RS4 Track Kit for ATV

Shipped by : Kimpex

Drive type:



96" front and rear


8" front and rear

Lug height:

1.25" front and 7/8" rear

Speed loss:


Frame material:


Model number:



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Please note : COMMANDER TRACK KIT CANADA ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

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Part number :343000
To install tracks on your ATV, you need:

Step 1
  • 363000: RS4 Track kit
Step 2 (Select the proper track adapter depending on your ATV model)
  • You may refer to the chart shown in the photos.
  • You may browse the website using the Search “by vehicle” search tool.

"Finally, a track system that combines SPEED, CONTROL AND FUN"

For the first time in the track system market, the Commander RS4 offers a real option for trail enthusiasts in search of thrills. The new RS4’s unique design helps to reach top speeds comparable to those of tires while increasing control, manoeuvrability and traction on the trail. You will thus have the assurance of overcoming all the obstacles encountered on your way, regardless of the trail’s condition.

  • SPEED: Our engineers have achieved a real tour de force by designing a track system that can reach speeds close to those of tires. Compared with other systems on the market, the RS4 is in a class of its own. Discover your ATV’s real potential!
  • CONTROL: Whether it’s to safely take on the curves, to easily get out of tire ruts or to cross over snow drifts, control and manoeuvrability are essential to optimize one’s experience on the trail. From the first kilometres with the RS4, you will understand the real meaning of being in control. Having confidence and peace of mind will forever change your winter outings on the trail.
  • COMFORT: Thanks to the ingenuity of its tandems which work as a suspension unit, the RS4 is by far the most comfortable track system on the market. Gone are the vibrations that add unnecessary stress on your vehicle and your body. You can lengthen your outings and concentrate on the fun of driving.
"The combinaison of SPEED and CONTROL will reveal the true potential of your ATV"

Why is it different?
  • "More speed and in total control, WOW!" No other track is anywhere close to this type of sensation in the snow.
  • "Great holding" Far better than tires in terms of control and traction in the snow.
  • "Turns like on wheels" Geometry facilitates steering effort.
  • "No vibration" Unparalleled comfort improves the driving experience.
"The RS4 is in a CLASS OF ITS OWN"

Our designers had only one idea in mind: to develop a custom made track system especially for trails, while putting the fun of driving and safety at the top of the list of objectives to be met.
Thanks to its unique and innovative design, the RS4 not only capitalizes on the full potential of the ATV for speed, but it is easy to handle, offering control and stability that ensure both driving pleasure and safety on the trails.
  • TANDEMS (shock absorber): Design ensures optimal ground contact and steering effort equal to that of tires.
  • GUIDE RAIL: Flexibility absorbs impact and diminishes friction and rolling resistance.(Patent pending)
  • SPROCKET: Innovative design ensures never seen top speeds.
  • STUDS: Studded tracks with clamps ensure traction and control on the ice.
  • TRACK: Optimized profile for excellent manoeuvrability, better breaking and traction over and above that of tires.
"The RS4 is easy to install, requires little maintenance and adapts to models from the major ATV manufacturers"

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :2810634

  • Kimpex catalog number :343000


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • None